Method cards that cultivate new perspectives

Strategy & Creativity Methods
Ideation, concept development, and prototyping
4 weeks
Aalto University
Alisa Kurganova, Amanda Colliander, Anna-Sofia Juntunen, hilda Ruijs, Hou Lin, Janne Salo, Lara Jasim, Simo Lahtinen
Create a deck of cards that can be used in a variety of cases, not only in the context of business or startup. As the problems often are complex, it is important to use open-ended problem solving approaches.
The logic behind the use of the cards is to shift the user’s understanding of the problem by introducing a new vocabulary and set of new scenarios. The shift in terminology forces the user to reflect on the problem in a new and imaginative way. 
Blooming method cards are tools to cultivate insights and ideas. With them the user can come up with fruitful perspectives and fertile approaches to various problems one is facing.
There are two types of cards: the green cards provide gardening verbs; the yellow cards present varying weather scenarios.

There are two types of cards: the green cards provide gardening verbs through which to think of possible problem-solving actions; the yellow cards present varying weather scenarios that forecast the possible directions the problem may take. Any number of cards can be used in ideating. If more cards are used, the problem solving will be more extensive. The method cards can be used by an individual or by a team for open-ended problem solving.
Developing a deck of method cards is not easy. The original idea for the deck was to focus more on the role of design within businesses and startups. However, as a team, we thought that instead of being too specific, the role of design should be expansive and creative. Since we wanted to the cards to be used by different people, in variety of cases, not only in the context of business/startup.

As the problems are becoming more complex, the power of design is on creative thinking and connecting the dots through the use of open-ended problem solving, without considering the expertise of the users of the method cards.

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